What’s next for the cell phone?

Today the cell phones are a part of human existence. One can barely operate and go through a day on how can you spy on a cell phone for free. A question frequently asked is whether we are controlling our technology or the technology is controlling us the innovators. Many researches have been done on how the cell phones are likely to change and even change us. The improvements and the shift that the cell phone industry is likely to take in the technological growth is a puzzle that is disturbing innovators. According to Joshua Bell an anthropologist at the University of George Washington, in his exhibition on the natural history of the Mobile Phones, he analyses how cell phones have shaped the modern lives. Taking cues from both science and fiction, he offers scenarios on how mobile technology will shift and in the shifting process change the life of the human race. The revolution in the cell phone industry is likely to be witnessed no long from this age because the future is here with us.

One indication of where the cell phones are heading in the near feature is the Nokias Morph Phone which indeed will transform the user’s experience. The morph indicates that the future phones will uphold transparency and transformability. This would mean that the cell phone users could have a view of the cell phone many from any angle of the phone that is viewing the cell phone menu from both the back and the front. It would be made from transparent materials. This would again mean that the future mobile phone would move away from the rectangular flat and evolve to all shape including a bent format like the Galaxy Round Smartphone. Indeed the morph is a representation of what is to come.

The current trends are also expected to use the radio frequencies, speed and motion directors and silicon microphones. In addition the increasing installations of the thermal detectors are some of the features that will be upheld in the future .This is feature that will enable sense of the environment, health monitoring and temperature detectors. The health sector is yet to grow in a big way through the contribution that the cell phone are yet to be implemented. Flexibility, ease and sustainability are the order of the current developments.

Talking about flexibility mobile phones are expected to increase in such a way that they can be folded into two by the consumers. With the developments such as the Galaxy Round Smart phones that is bent the cell phone is indeed on their way to the foldable cell phone industry .Samsung shapes are the foundations of the more changes that are yet to be seen. The wireless charging cell phone is another thing to expect in the consumer markets. This will mean that the cell phone will have the ability to be charged almost 40 feet away and no cable would be required to do so. In connectivity, the future expects an increase in the range of the gizmos wireless connections from lighting systems to activity and health monitor.

The fact remains that any future gaze is obviously uncertain but with clues and predictions from what is available and the changes that have taken place ,we can certainly hold on to that. No one could ever imagine the bent cell phones or the wearable consumer electronics and as at now, we are using our cell phones for more than just calling and texting which was a mystery 20 years ago. With this great speed, we expect more powerful processors and major improvements in the cell phone features. More are coming.